Our COVID-19 Strategy

These are very strange times that we are living through, and we have had to adapt the way that we accommodate our guests, but we know that you'll understand that your safety and well-being is our first priority. Hopefully you will not even notice most of the changes.
Our hygene standards were very high anyway but we've taken things further, by investing in people and technology.
Our cleaning team is now three strong instead of two and they are fully kitted with protective clothing. All of them are fully vaccinated.
We've invested in a state-of-the art electrostatic fogging system to deliver a viricidal agent throughout the buildings during the cleaning process. The Victory system is  made in the USA and is used by major corporations, sports teams, and even Delta Airlines to clean their aircraft interiors. For details see:
You will understand that all this cleaning takes time, so we now must enforce the earliest arrival time of 4pm. If you arrive before this time we reluctantly cannot let you into the building. Likewise we must now insist that you vacate the building before 10am on your day of departure.
Before you leave, we ask you to "strip the beds" to help us out. Please remove the pillowcases, duvet covers, and bedsheets, and place them in the netting laundry bags that we provide. One bag per bed. Leave any mattress protectors in place.
We ask that you put used towels in the bins that we'll show you, just outside the barns.
Morrison's, ASDA, Sainsbury's and Tesco all regularly delivery to the barn, but you must be here to accept your delivery.  Nowadays we can't accept delivery on your behalf, or physically help you get your delivery items in to the barns. If you are not here, we will reluctantly have to reject the delivery.

Our guest laundry facilities have changed a little. We can't allow used items and washed items to mix in the laundry room. To allow us to clear the decks, we must reserve the laundry room for our own use on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. From Tuesday to Friday, the room is yours. If you have a washing "emergency", let us know and we'll work something out. Our own household washing is done on a separate set of machines in another building.
We've reluctantly removed "non-essential tactile items" from the barns, or at least reduced their number. Such items are books, games, ornaments etc.  In the case of the board games, the advice that we've received from government is that they are not used until the third day of your arrival as we cannot clean each item of each game.
The Owl House kitchen has a Rangemaster cooker with an Induction Hob. Previous guests have needed to read the user guide, but we've had to remove it. Instead here's a link to the same document:
We have had to remove brochures of things to do, and leaflets and places of interest. Should you need any suggestions for activities, then please do contact us with the ages and a rough idea of type of activity you would like, and we shall do our best to research for you and give you suggestions.